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Best Place to Visit - Ireland!

Ireland is a country whose people and beautiful, sometimes, moody landscapes are the main attractions for visitors. Its cities, towns, and villages bear names familiar to most travelers, even if they have never visited Ireland. Most populated places are small, spread along one major lane and surrounded by miles of countryside. Large or small, urban or rural, the Emerald Isle's towns and villages are good places to visit, great places to catch a meal, and fun places to visit a pub and interact with the locals. Many of Ireland's inhabitants are accomplished story tellers and, in the evenings, the best tellers of tales can be found in pubs. If you are in the mood for stories, there is nothing like a Guinness to start a conversation.

Ireland's towns, with the exception of Dublin and Galway, are not particularly notable: most lack significant cultural attractions and few offer interesting architecture. Of course, these limitations have nothing to do with the popularity of Ireland as a tourist destination. Tourists visit Ireland to enjoy the Irish people and to experience the beauty of the countryside. Our list of the best places to visit in Ireland is focused on seeing the best of the Irish countryside with a town or two thrown in for good measure. After all, "A wee bit of comfort is needed, now and then."

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